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1. Install Foam Gadget.
Position the EEP so you are facing the PIKA label. Place the strip with the fork side on the right and the chainstay side (the side with foam blocks) on the left. Strap the foam gadget onto the bag with the strap in the bottom of the bag.

2. Remove Handlebars and Strap
Remove handlebar from stem. You may alternatively remove stem with bar attached. Using the pad with the 2 straps, wrap pad around top tube and strap bar to top tube. Mountain fork should be rotated to face backwards if possible. Mountain bars may be strapped along fork if cables do not reach top tube.

In order to place bars across top tube, cable housing may need to be removed from slotted cable guides by removing all cable tension from shifters.

3. Remove Pedals, Seat Post, Skewers and Disc Rotors.
Place in the side pockets located adjacent to the wheel pockets.

4. Place Wheels in Wheel Pockets
Place rear wheel with cassette facing exterior of the bag.

5. Remove Rear Derailleur and Rear Disc Brakes (optional)

This is optional but is recommended to protect those components or to make more room for larger bikes. Place each of those items in foam pouches and strap derailleur to chainstays and disc brake caliper to seat stays

6. Place Frameset In Case
With the chainstays resting on the foam blocks.

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